About Baseline Surveys

Baseline Surveys was set up in 1990 to provide an accurate and reliable surveying and setting out service for roads and bridge building contractors. Quickly establishing a reputation for high accuracy and extreme reliability we became a very popular choice for Consulting Engineers and Architects that required an engineering survey to be carried out.

Experienced Surveyor

Baseline Surveys already completed more than 3,500 surveys for a variety of government agencies, local authorities, developers, banks and energy companies over the last 20years+.

Survey Equipment

We have the most advanced surveying equipment in the country, being the only Irish survey company to offer a drone mapping service, we also have the latest in GNSS GPS technology, robotic total stations, laser based building mapping systems and over 20 years of experience in using advanced surveying and digital mapping systems.

Highest Level of Accuracy

Being vastly experienced in geospatial data accuracy and having an in depth knowledge of GPS, GIS and geographic data which provides Baseline Surveys with the ability to geodetically overlay Aerial Photography/Land Registry Maps/ AutoCAD/Historic mapping with the highest level of accuracy.

Currently I provide Mapping Consultancy for the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Get in Touch

Phone today on 086 2535285 to get your land registry up to date.

Land Registration

Baseline Aerial Surveys • Email: paudie@baselinesurveys.ieTel: 086 2535285