Boundary Disputes

If you are involved in a boundary ownership dispute, it is very important that your land registry map accurately reflects the actual position of your boundary line.

We can check this, to a very high degree of precision, by using our advanced GPS Surveying equipment. This is the most accurate way of checking your land registry map.

Why it is so accurate:

GPS uses the same ITM coordinate system as land Registry maps it can be overlaid without human interpretation, human error nor is it overlaid by hand in order to please the client.

What if your map is inaccurate?

If there is an error in the land registry map, then in order to rectify or explain the problem, it is vital to understand the nature of that error. Land registry mapping anomalies can inherit mapping errors from the Ordinance Survey maps, which are derived from aerial photography from 40,000 feet up.

Why choose Baseline Aerial Surveys?

As mapping experts with more than twenty years of experience in digital mapping, we would be very strong in identifying the root cause of these mapping errors.

We can also overlay aerial photography onto land registry mapping, so the feature which is defined by the land registry red line can be clearly seen underneath it. This is an excellent way to communicate mapping information between non mapping experts, such as between neighbours and legal advisers.

An experienced Engineering Surveyor is a superb ally to have in a boundary dispute, and because we lead the field in digital mapping and GPS surveying we are in a very strong position to help you.

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For more information on Boundary disputes, check out our land boundary map website

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